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COVID-19 - What Do We Know?

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

In another life 😊-my first degree was Microbiology and human disease, and I was going to save the world in the field of wastewater treatment. I thought I’d share some of my ongoing learning about this fascinating Sars C0V2 virus which causes the disease called COVID 19. It has put some of our plans on pause for a time, and has created considerable disruption and hardship for others!

The good news however, is that this cell membrane can be cleared away effectively by the recommended 20 second brisk hand washing with a simple alkaline soap.

How can the COVID 19 virus present in your body?

You may be infected with the virus and be;

1. Asymptomatic with or without detectable virus 2. Non-severe symptomatic with presence of virus 3. Severe respiratory symptomatic with high viral load & inflammation. This is of course why physical distancing is necessary to even out the demand on health services.

What can we do to boost our immunity against COVID 19?

What WE CAN DO in integrative medicine, which I will expand over the next few days includes: 1. Using preventative anti-viral herbals such as astragalus, echinacea, golden seal, elderberry andrographis; use medicinal mushrooms, AHCC (a proprietary extract of shitake mushroom). 2. Use appropriate probiotics, vit D3, vit C, SPM’s (specialised pro-resolving mediators), nutrigenomic formulations. 3. Get sufficient sleep 4. Stress reduction is critical to achieve optimum immune function. Part of our initial immune response (IL-6 Interleukin 6), is known to be reduced by anxiety and catastrophising. Additionally, mental health is also highly predictive of acute respiratory infections. 5. Maintain a healthy gut

More tomorrow 😊

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